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Crisis Management

We’re not just here for the good times. Over the years, our network of Limeys has handled everything from food poisoning outbreaks to terrorist attacks, murders and celebrity scandals for leading PLC businesses. From the creation of responsive crisis management strategies to media training and management, we have the knowledge to support your business when it needs protecting the most.

In today’s digital ‘always-on’ society, we provide a 24-hour crisis management facility, with our senior team acting as the first point of contact for the media in case of an incident. In times of crisis, this takes the stress off our clients and means that they can focus on managing the incident while we deal with the press.

We quickly become a key part of any crisis management team and work proactively to make sure that we protect your reputation. Our services include preparing and distributing media statements, developing Q&A documents and coaching senior spokespeople for TV or radio interviews.