Making a noise about hearing loss

Client: Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care
Service Areas: PR, Social, Reports

Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care is the UK’s second largest provider of NHS hearing services on the high street. To capitalise on its expertise in the world of hearing care, Limegreen was challenged to raise awareness of Scrivens’ offer and increase the number of bookings for hearing checks.

Step one was to identify a cause to get behind. More than 10 million people in the UK have some degree of hearing impairment, but there was no national awareness day for age-related hearing loss. We recommended Scrivens take ownership of the discussion by launching Hearing Loss Awareness Month.

This umbrella campaign was brought to life with a relatable theme – Selective Hearing – that we communicated in branches, across social media and digital platforms, and via traditional media routes. We commissioned consumer research, which confirmed that most of us have experienced ‘selective hearing’, but also revealed our concerns around its links to hearing loss. The content mix also included infographics, video resources and a simple online hearing test.


The Scrivens’ Selective Hearing campaign was seen ‒ and heard ‒ far and wide, generating more than 100 pieces of coverage and an estimated 4 million views across traditional and digital channels, including newspapers, websites and TV.

We achieved more than 200,000 social shares, 31 website links, mentions on 14 broadcast outlets, 21 reproductions of our infographic and coverage in online publications that reach more than 800 million people, not to mention print outlets with 3 million daily readers.

Most importantly, though, we met the client’s KPIs, delivering a 60% increase in online hearing appointments and 330% visitor boost to the online hearing test page.

“The best hearing sales results ever in the history of Scrivens!”